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How To Enable EFT Payment In Google Adsense Account In India?

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Enable EFT Payment In Google Adsense Account In India

Friends!!! This is big news for Google Adsense publishers in India, as till now, AdSense used to pay only via cheques, which not only took long time for publishers to receive their payments, but was fraught with issues like non-delivery of cheques due to courier partner issues. Even under normal circumstances, the cheques arrive nearly 2 to 3 weeks later than what they are supposed to. For example, the earnings made by publisher in month of July are released by end of August and then it additional two to three weeks to reach publishers. With EFT in place, the payments would be done in not more than 2 days after earnings are finalized. So friends today i'm going to tell you How To Enable EFT Payment In Google Adsense Account In India.
Enable EFT Payment In Google Adsense Account In India

Follow the instructions below for how to enable EFT payment method in your Adsense account

  1. Login into your Google Adsense account by entering Gmail username and password.
  2. Select Payments option from the right side panel and you’ll see some settings related to payments.

  3. Now click on payment settings to put self-hold your Adsense earnings.
  4. In Payment Settings click on “edit self-hold” option and check “hold payments” box in the next screen & apply.
  5. Now It takes up to one week to change your payment mode into EFT payment.

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