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How to Add New Form of Payment (EFT Payment)?

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How to Add New Form of Payment ?

To set up your form of payment, follow these steps: 

  1. When your AdSense account will be upgraded to EFT payment system for AdSense earning payment you will see a message on your AdSense account screen as Your account has been upgraded to a new payments system.
  2. Now login into your Google Adsense account and go to payment settings.
  3. Now you need to enter your bank details to get payments through wire transfer.
  4. You need to provide your Name, Bank Name, Branch IFSC Code, SWIFT-Bic Code & bank account number.
  5. If your bank branch is not having a direct SWIFT code, you can give SWIFT code of any nearby branch of same bank. You can get assistance from bank staff regarding SWIFT code. No need of adding Intermediate bank details.
  6. Now you will get a mail as soon as you save the details of account selecting it as primary form of payment.
Note:  All payments made or the payments which has recently been stopped by either you or AdSense team, as the case may be, would not be shown in the upgraded payment system. Therefore, to see the history of all payments made earlier, you need to go on payments tab and scroll down to the end of payment history page. Now, click on see your previous payments text link button as appears in this screenshot.

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